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> That site needs renaming to since that's mostly what happens
> after downloading anything from it, we get to burn coasters.
> Did anyone manage to install antergos-sonar-nozfs-17.9-x86_64.iso who
> could do an sha512sum of the iso and perhaps share that sha512sum here?
> With that I'll be able to test any future iso before burning another
> coaster with it.


shlomif at telaviv1:~$ ls -l antergos-sonar-nozfs-17.9-x86_64.iso 
-rw-r--r-- 1 shlomif shlomif 770867200 May 28 19:21

shlomif at telaviv1:~$ sha512sum

shlomif at telaviv1:~$ 

Lately I have preferred using
for .iso-s.

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