with wget

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Tue May 29 17:58:42 UTC 2018

#!/usr/bin/env bash
# file: - get sonar alpha distro with curl.
wget -bc --trust-server-names --max-redirect=10000 --tries=0  ""

Could I be doing any better with wget in this script to handle downloads?  For those that don't know, the
--trust-server-names switch is in that script so you get an iso with the
same name you found it under on  Otherwise renames your download and then finding it gets difficult.
I send the output to wget-log files since I have a means of using wc on
those files to count line numbers to tell me if is still
downloading or has stopped.  If it stopped that same wget-log file using
tail -3 wget-log will give me the final results of my download attempt.


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