Slint public key needs to be refreshed, dae and edbrowse

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Fri Nov 9 12:41:12 UTC 2018


Slint users, to get the public key replacing the one that expired, please type as root
slapt-get -add-keys
This is needed for slapt-get to continue working.

To stay off-topic, you can get new dae and edbrowse packages:
slapt-get -u
slapt-get -i dae # lower case letters: d a e
slapt-get -i edbrowse #lower case letters e d b r o w s e

Descriptions follow:

Edbrowse  is  a  combination editor, browser, and mail client 100% text based.
The interface is similar to /bin/ed, though there are many more features,  such
as editing multiple files simultaneously, and rendering html. This program was
originally written for blind  users, but  many sighted users have taken
advantage of the unique scripting capabilities of this program, which can be
found nowhere else. A batch job, or cron job, can  access web pages on the
internet, submit forms, and send email, with no human intervention whatsoever.
edbrowse can tap into databases through odbc. Primarily written by Karl Dahlke.
Please note that edbrowse can use the duktape java script engine, shipped as
dependency, query and edit SQL databases.
After installation to know a little more: man edbrowse

DAE (The Digital Audio Editor)
The purpose of this program is to allow for the editing of digital
audio files from a text-based application in a user-friendly manner
The author of DAE is Willem van der Walt.
Documentation is available in /usr/doc/dae-r33982
This files are in addition to the man page.
Of course dae-tutorial.ogg is an audio tutorial.
If you want to use dae to edit duty.wav, copy it to a directory in your $HOME so
that DAE can back it up  before editing it. 
dae works only in a tty (console), not in a terminal in a graphical environment.

Best regards,


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