Mutt braille users, please respond!

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Mon Nov 19 17:37:53 UTC 2018

Hello everybody!
I am going back to Linux from a quite a long time staying away from it.
I found unused Intel Core 2 do Dell desktop and set up Slint distro on
it. I like the results very much.
Actually I am going to use console apps on this machine most of the time
with BRLTTY as my screen reader, providing both speech and Braille.
I very like Mutt as a e-mail client and already had set up 3 of my mail
accounts. Everything works smoothly. But I have to admit that I forgot a
lot of things since the time I used Linux. Besides, I used to be mainly
a Emacspeak user at that time. So now I would like to make Mutt even
more friendly to me.
Firstly I would very much appreciate, if someone reminded me how to make
this client to move selected messages to certain folders according to
the rules I set. For example, how to move all messages from this list to
the Blinux folder on my imap account. BTW, I am not using any external
tools to fetch or send mail. I let Mutt do everything for me right now.
Another question, or rather, a request, from me is if any of You could
share his or her portions from ~.muttrc related to the interface
settings for both index and pager. I am especially interested to hear
about it from Braille display users. So far I only set the
"braille_friendly" variables to "yes" and would like to move further.
I also installed abook and set it up to work with Mutt. But if there are
any tricks to make it more Braille friendly, please, let me know!

I think, I asked enough for the moment. Look forward to hear from You
and thanks a lot in advance!

With best regards,

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