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Tue Nov 20 17:57:03 UTC 2018

i run fedora 28 with mate no tweaks

På 19 november 2018 3:37:41 em Linux for blind general discussion 
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> Arch has the latest and cleanest version of MATE that works with Orca. 
> Fedora is
> probably the next closest, but needs a lot of tweaking to make it work with
> Orca, whereas its GNOME version works out of the box. If you're trying to 
> follow
> development of clean MATE, Arch is the way to go, as they just package upstream
> without patches. Debian and Ubuntu are both heavily patched, and tend to be 
> old.
> So if you need to report a bug, it's harder to report them to the MATE
> developers, since it's possible your bug has already been fixed, but hasn't yet
> filtered down to your distro.
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