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Wed Nov 21 20:49:19 UTC 2018

Tim here.  While I'm not a Braille user, I'll throw a couple more
suggestions on the table as, well, they're free, so you're welcome to
try them and see if any of them work for you.  In addition to
Midnight Commander and "vifm", there's "ranger" (which I've seen
mentioned elsewhere on this thread and may or may not be very
accessible) as well as "nnn" ( which
looks like it might be more Braille-friendly.

If you're an emacs user, there's dired mode.  Additionally, there's
edbrowse which is a bit opaque but should certainly be

That said, for most file management, I just use the shell (cd, cp,
mv, rename, etc).  The only time I end up wanting a "real" file
manager is when I have a large collection of files where I can't
easily choose based on a glob.  For those occasions, I tend to use
lynx in dired mode.


On November 21, 2018, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello, list!
> Since Midnight Commander does not seem to work with Braille well, I
> am in search for stand alone Braille friendly console file manger.
> I would like to find something like file browser buit in in Vim. 
> I installed Vifm, but it does not seem to work with Braille either.
> Any advice would be appreciated.
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