Help with setting up DNS services and mail services on a Linode cloud based server?

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Thu Nov 29 15:28:45 UTC 2018

Hi, Brian:

My domain,, has been hosted on Linode for a decade or more
now. While I'm a speech user, I see no reason why braille only should be
a problem for managing a Linode presence--at least not a Linux machine.
Frankly, I have generally used Lynx to access my Linode management

I'm sorry I don't recall what your problem is. I understand you posted
previously, but I didn't pay much attention because the message appeared
to me to be about braille, not about Linode itself, or about how to
manage services on Linode.

I'm happy to provide suggestions if you care to restate the problem.


Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> I am braille only. No speech.
> Edbrowse works great forme.
> Has for over 20 years.  --Brian Tew 
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