Installing Raspbian on a Pi 3b+

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Tue Oct 2 13:17:49 UTC 2018

Hello, Lift
> I recently heard that there is a device known as the Vorail companion. The manufacturers make it off of the raspberry pie, but since it is open source, if you already have a raspberry pie, you can simply request to have the stuff sent to you along with the instructions to install it with using SSH or direct keyboard input. So, I decided to order a pie from Amazon, a little bit here in about a week. I was informed that I would need to find a way to get Raspbian on it, and put it on a microSD card. I have a microSD card, and up about 8 GB in size.
> Is someone here knowledgable about the process of installing this on the ST card, and then do you think the pie without any kind of display, and using certain commands to connected to a Wi-Fi by which then you can access it using open FFH? If you can provide a step-by-step tutorial, or link to wear something like that can be found, that would be great. I’m currently not on my computer, so I apologize for any dictation errors.
> Thanks for any information you can provide in advance.
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> Heavenly harmony
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