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Hi Karen --

Your question got me curious since I use Audible all the time.  It sounds
like there is an option to download a pdf but only for audiobooks that come
with a pdf.  And it sort of implies that this is extra content and not
exactly the book itself that you can download.  You may have already found
this info, but here is that page:

But here is a better answer I think.  I found this:

   - Because Audible files are in either .aa or .aax format, we only
   support iTunes for CD burning.
   - At the request of our publishers, you are only allowed to burn each
   audiobook in your library one time. This is to prevent mass distribution of
   audiobooks and to protect all parties involved.
   - You cannot burn Audible content to a DVD or MP3 disc.

I found that on this page, under a subheading of Restrictions.

So sounds like they make it tough.


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> Hi folks,
> Is there a way to  use an audible books account that lets you download the
> book for  say burning to a cd for reading in Linux?
> Say a third party application from the command line?
> Thanks,
> Karen
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