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Sun Oct 28 17:36:45 UTC 2018

	I am running Debian stretch on an elderly Dell Dimension
and just installed edbrowse with no apparent issues.  It was just

apt-get install edbrowse

and the man page for it says that it does javascript.  I
absolutely love lynx which, of course does not do javascript and
I have access to a gui browser in the form of safari so my
question can best be summed up as, Is this useful on a
command-line system?

	This is the system I do email and casual web browsing on.
Lynx works perfectly on the bard web site but I kind of hate to
have all my eggs for a javascript browser in one basket which is
safari on the Mac and iPad.  It's a good platform but it is nice
to have alternatives if one of those systems blows up.

	So, how do those of you who already use edbrowse like it?
Have you used it on sites with lots of javascript?

	I have heard of edbrowse before but if I ever used it, it
might have been at work a long time ago.

Martin McCormick

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