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Sun Oct 28 20:10:06 UTC 2018

Wow! Edbrowse! Being blind myself, I quickly gave up on that one. I know it's 
supposed to do some Javascript stuff, and had I been able to get used to the 
totally different way of trying to get a website to give up its secrets to it, I 
may have been able to get it to help me pay my bills online before Firefox 
became accessible using Orca, and what was it ... that ... Freedombox or similar 
thing that had its own speech and browser and stuff before that. But although I 
could get used to Lynx and even elinks, and had even better luck with w3m, being 
able to actually read a page like a text editor with my arrow keys, Edbrowse 
remained a total mystery, perhaps because the commands were similar to ed, which 
I also never got working to my satisfaction, preferring the likes of Joe and 
Nano, even though they had some odd keybindings, and I only recently figured out 
how to select text to be cut or copied. Actually, probably the best thing for 
text-based browsing would be to somehow integrate the Javascript supported by 
edbrowse into w3m, and then update w3m to support the most audibly useful parts 
of the HTML5 standard. Add to this the ability to navigate by headings, controls 
and other nice things like we have in Firefox and clunky but true of Chromium as 
well, and this killer combo could certainly give any graphical browser a run for 
its money, especially since it would be much much faster, especially on slower 
or older hardware. Consider this a call for coders, as I for one would actually 
be interested in such a thing, as long as it accessibly supports any of the 
latest technologies that make sense to people who are blind or visually impared 
who want to use text mode effectively for any website. Either that, or we could 
actually start with w3m, assuming it is still actively developed, and if not, it 
can be forked. I actually think w3m may be the best place to start.
Imetumwa kutoka jengo

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