w3m continues Edbrowse?

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Sun Oct 28 21:12:18 UTC 2018

No, numbered links are not used in w3m as far as I know. W3m works differently. 
It puts the page into a buffer similar to an editor, and you use the arrows to 
navigate. You can tab to links and controls and press the enter key to activate 
them. In this way, w3m is similar in some ways to graphical browsers that are 
much easier to read and navigate. It has the added advantage of being able to 
operate as a pager to read man pages in much the same way. This may not work for 
users who have gotten used to text-based applications needing to be read page by 
page using screen reader review, but it tends to work a lot better for those of 
us who have gotten used to being able to navigate using arrows and tabs in a 
consistent way. The only thing that is missing from w3m is the ability to 
navigate by headers and other specific elements and the ability to work with 
modern websites that employ otherwise accessible Javascript and HTML5 standards. 
My personal website is somewhat of an exception, because I had to code in a more 
difficult way so that it could work at least a little with browsers such as w3m 
or lynx that don't support HTML5 audio for example. I actually had to code 
fallback links for them, which nearly doubles the size and complexity of my hand 
coded HTML.
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