w3m continues Edbrowse?

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Mon Oct 29 16:23:40 UTC 2018

"Speaking personally, I tried loading google in w3m, but found it tedious 
reaching the page sections I sought."

This was my experience as well. This is because w3m has no header or any other 
quick navigation features that are common to most graphical desktop browsers. 
For example, I am able to go to either DuckDuckGo or Google, both of which land 
me immediately on the search box, which is what I want most right away, then I 
can enter my search and then press h to navigate through the search results by 
headings, as each result's link is a heading, and then if I want to read the 
little piece of the page that it includes, I can press the down arrow key to get 
to it, then h to move to the next result or H to move back to the top of that 
result or to previous results. Unfortunately, no text browser has this 
capability at present, not even w3m, making them all more tedious to navigate 
than the graphical browsers. That said, w3m would seem to be the best candidate 
for being modernized and made less tedious, because it just needs accessible 
Javascript and HTML5 support along with quick navigation keybindings that can 
place the cursor directly on the point of interest, especially since it is the 
only text browser that supports direct arrow and tab navigation right out of the 
Imetumwa kutoka macho yangu

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