w3m continues Edbrowse?

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Tue Oct 30 00:02:34 UTC 2018

Didier again.

Good guess.

The solution is to edit the line #33 of edbrowse-3.7.4/src/GNUMakefile appending -Lncurses so it becomes:
LDLIBS = -lpcre -lcurl -lreadline -ltidy -lduktape -lm -lncurses

I followed the suggestion in this page:

Also, the duktape libs should go in /usr/lib64, not in .usr/local

If you think it's worth it I will package edbrowse and deps for Slint in
the coming days.



On 30/10/2018 00:15, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I will try to see why it fails and report here.
> Didier
> On 30/10/2018 00:03, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> I failed to build edbrowse in slint.  The build went very far but failed
>> linking possibly because ncurses and readline may be linked incorrectly.

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