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What I do to download a document with Firefox and Orca is go to and obviously log in with my Google account. I arrow 
down to the document I want to download and continue to arrow down to 
the clickable object for the type of document, such as Google Doc, or 
the following image. I do a left mouse click to give it focus and then 
hit the applications key and down arrow to download. The normal file 
manager shows up letting me download the document to a location on my 
hard drive. There are probably easier ways to do this, and I probably 
found them in the past, but this is what I just did now, and it worked 
for me. It's probably also easier with Chrome and ChromeVox.

On 4/1/19 5:13 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> well...would you like me to send this to the google access list?
> Speaking personally,  I want them to realize  there  are users of 
> Linux who  happen  to experience blindness having this issue. Google 
> seems to think  only windows users exist.
> thoughts?
> On Mon, 1 Apr 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> Okay, so someone shared a google doc with me, and I spent like half an
>> hour trying to download the file and accomplished nothing but giving
>> myself a headache.
>> Google Docs is an inaccessible hunk of junk I'd like to hear scoured
>> from the face of the Earth, but since the abomination isn't likely to
>> be going anywhere anytime soon, and it's probably going to only get
>> more common place for people to send me documents via Google Docs than
>> as a sensible e-mail attachment, I'd like to ask my fellow blind Linux
>> Users if they've found anything that makes it easier to go from being
>> sent a link to a Google Doc to opening a file in your text editor of
>> choice and having your screen reader of choice read it?
>> If it matters, I'm using Firefox and I've tried downloading both with
>> Javascript enabled and disabled.
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