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Thu Apr 4 07:27:14 UTC 2019

Hi Jace,
You can install from git without removing the packaged version, but you 
will have to make sure that the correct one is started.
You cannot use both at the same time.
The git one will likely install into /usr/local, so you might need to 
tweek a few things if everything does not work the first time.
I would say the correct way would be to get the source of the sd package 
and replace the sources with those from git, then build the .deb package 
using all the package metadata from the old package.
Then install the newly created package.
What has changed in the latest speech dispatcher causing you to want to 
Regards, Willem

On Wed, 3 Apr 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Okay, simple question.....I run 18.04 Ubuntu completely up to date with all 
> updates. Now, two questions....
> 1. Am I able to install speech-dispatcher git from Github alongside the 
> existing speech-dispatcher 0.88 that comes with Ubuntu 18.04?
> 2. If not, will I be able to simply install the speech-dispatcher git and 
> effectively 'replace' the default speech-dispatcher, and have my default 
> voices and Orca work without changing anything?
> 3. If I can have both the default speech-dispatcher and the speech-dispatcher 
> git installed, am I able to have Orca use both of them?
> Jace
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