How can I revitalize my Jessie installation?

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Sun Apr 14 11:09:55 UTC 2019

On Sat, 13 Apr 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> My sources.list file is from October 21, 2016. Where can I find a more recent one?

sources.list is usually maintained by the system admin.  It specifies 
which package repositories should be checked.

> I would also like to find a package for a recent BRLTTY.

If BRLTTY is all you are interested in upgrading, until recently you may 
have been able to get one from Debian Backports.  but Jessie is no longer 
supported by Backports, so you will either have to find a third-party 
package for Jessie or upgrade to a newer Debian release.

Jessie has brltty 5.2.

Stretch has version 5.4.

Buster and Stretch Backports have version 5.6.

Syd (unstable) also currently has 5.6 but this will probably change at 
some point.

The most recent release from the project is 6.0.

I have not managed to find a Debian package for 6.0 after about 20 minutes 
of Googling.

The other option of course is compiling from source, which you may be able 
to do under Jessie (you'll have to check the needed dependencies), but I 
don't know how involved that will be.

I am still using Jessie on two workstations.  I don't personally find it 
limiting, but with Buster now frozen and it being 6 years since Jessie was 
released, I've decided that I should probably update.


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