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For blinux-list at and other linux screen reader users.

For this to be of any use, you need a google account and
you also need to have downloaded youtube-viewer.  You need to have orca
working since this can't be done using command line interface, firefox
or similar will have to be run.  I use mate so use mate-terminal and I
use ex for a text editor.

1) bring up graphical environment and have orca talking,

2) alt-f2 and type mate-terminal <enter>

3) type youtube-viewer <enter>

3.1) inside of youtube-viewer type :login <enter>

3.2) type alt-e to get to edit in mate-terminal

3.3) You'll be on select-all, so hit <enter>

3.4) hit alt-e to get to edit in mate-terminal again

3.5) you'll be on copy so hit <enter>

3.6) hit alt-f in mate-terminal
3.7) you'll be on open-mate-terminal so hit <enter>

4) type ex surf <enter>

4.1) type $a <enter> to put ex into append mode

4.2) type alt-e in mate-terminal and down arrow to paste and hit enter

4.3) if what you read inside of youtube-viewer appears again, you did it right so hit <enter>

4.4) type a period on a line by itself to stop append mode and get a colon prompt back in ex

4.5) type x followed by <enter> to close surf and save your work

4.6) type grep google surf >surf.txt <enter> to grab that url

4.7) ex surf.txt <enter>

4.8) type .,.s/** Get authentication code: // <enter>

4.9) the line should now just have the url on it and if so,

5.0) type x <enter> to save your work.

6) type alt-f2 then type firefox <enter>

6.1) type alt-f to open firefox files menu and move down to open file which will be o and hit <enter>

6.2) type $HOME/surf.txt <enter>

6.3) type ctrl-a ctrl-c ctrl-l ctrl-v <enter>

6.4) this should get you to a google page where you log in

6.5) a button to allow youtube-viewer access to your account will be on that page

6.6) click that button and a success code will appear

6.7) tab on the page until you get to the copy button and hit <enter>

6.8) hit control-c inside of firefox and copy the code

6.9) hit alt-f and up arrow to quit on firefox menu and hit <enter>

7) type alt-f for mate-terminal menu and move to close window and hit <enter>

8) if your youtube-viewerscreen shows up again with you in the field where you enter the code

9) type alt-e for mate-terminal menu and move down to paste and hit <enter>

9.1) hit <enter> one more time and the code should have been sent

9.2) if you get a prompt remember me y/n)? hit y then hit <enter>
9.3) your youtube-viewer screen should return to  what it was before you typed :login

10) check your e-mail for a message from google telling you youtube-viewer was granted access to your google account

10.1) if you got that message, you did it right.

10.2) that login token will be on your machine  until you run :logout in youtube-viewer

10.3) you should now be able to comment on videos you find and listen to with youtube-viewer using youtube-viewer.


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