between google and firefox it's nearly impossible to get anything done!

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Mon Apr 15 18:43:24 UTC 2019

Wow... it just works! :)


On 04/15/2019 10:59 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I did get that done and got an authentication code from google.  I
> copied that into my clipboard then tried going back to terminal and
> found out I had lost the youtube-viewer job as a result of having used
> script and a typescript file to grab the url from youtube-viewer.  So
> I'm about to try running mate-terminal and running youtube-viewer and
> keying in the :login command.  Then control-a control-c control-l then
> hit alt-f2 and run pluma and control-v to dump the clipboard contents
> into pluma.  Then get the url saved in surf.txt and get out of pluma.
> Then run firefox and hit f10 then open file for surf.txt and control-a
> control-c control-l control-v then enter gets me to a google login.
> Then I allow youtube-viewer access to my account and then copy
> authentication code with control-c once on the copy button then close
> out of firefox.  Then I think alt-f2 and run mate-terminal again and
> then run fg and see if youtube-viewer with its code entry field comes
> back.  This last part I haven't yet tried if it works I'll have a
> process I'll share with the list for any wanting to login to their
> youtube accounts using youtube-viewer.
> On Mon, 15 Apr 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
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>> Subject: Re: between google and firefox it's nearly impossible to get anything
>>       done!
>> Is there a reason you couldn't just rename the file containing the url
>> to .txt so Firefox will recognize it as a plain text file, open it in
>> Firefox and then do ctrl+A, ctrl+C, ctrl+l, and ctrl+v to copy and
>> paste it to the address bar?
>> Admittedly, I use Firefox as my primary browser, but this is how I
>> handle pretty much anything that requires copy-and-pasting from the
>> console to Firefox. Sadly, Firefox tends to treat plain-text files
>> that don't end in .txt as binary files unless its something a web
>> browser is designed to parse(e.g. if I wanted to copy and past a bit
>> of source code, Firefox would just try downloading the file if I tried
>> opening a .cpp or .sh file from my local filesystem without renaming
>> to .txt first).
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