Running an ssh in Chrome OS?

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Tue Apr 23 15:45:46 UTC 2019

Well, I would certainly ask these questions, if I could find an active list for 
new users of ChromeVox?
#1 With many challenges we installed a linux beta on a Chrome book. However, ssh 
doesn't seem to work. I got a Chrome book, as it has great sounding 
speech-and-the unit is much smaller than many laptops.
As far as speech, is their a flat review option like there is in NVDA and 
Speakup? Also, can I turn off punctuation, so I don't have to hear "greater 
#2 I suppose the key mapping reminds me of a Mac. Are their easy ways of having 
the keyboard more mirror a regular Linux machine, with only 2 buttons to push 
instead of 3?
#3 And we did subscribe to a Google group, but no welcome message or any other 
activity? Thanks so much in advance

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