Running an ssh in Chrome OS?

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Thu Apr 25 11:15:54 UTC 2019

I don't know specifically about Chrome OS, but I can certainly report
that we have long wanted accessible ssh on Android. There's plenty by
way of terminal and ssh apps on Android, but none that work with

There's also a behavioral issue on Android to where a scrolling tty type
line by line display is incorrectly voiced (and brailled). Focus stays
with the content the user last focussed, even as that line of text moves
up screen.

If there's a solution for the former situation, I'm thinking the best
opportunity may be to compile Fenrir for Android and/or Chrome. I've
taken some half hearted attempts at doing that, but it's not a high
priority for me.

What to do about the second, behavioral issue, I'm don't know.


Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Well, I would certainly ask these questions, if I could find an active list
> for new users of ChromeVox?
> #1 With many challenges we installed a linux beta on a Chrome book. However,
> ssh doesn't seem to work. I got a Chrome book, as it has great sounding
> speech-and-the unit is much smaller than many laptops.
> As far as speech, is their a flat review option like there is in NVDA and
> Speakup? Also, can I turn off punctuation, so I don't have to hear "greater
> than"
> #2 I suppose the key mapping reminds me of a Mac. Are their easy ways of
> having the keyboard more mirror a regular Linux machine, with only 2 buttons
> to push instead of 3?
> #3 And we did subscribe to a Google group, but no welcome message or any
> other activity? Thanks so much in advance
> Chime
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