google high security and linux command line email programs

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Wed Dec 11 04:00:43 UTC 2019

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Is mu4e counts?
I have mu4e running with generated app password.

> Has anyone here gone high security with google and generated an
> app-password for their command line email apps?  If so, which apps?
> I have and can use a few different apps but really want to know what
> google will be limiting me to with two-factor authentication and an
> app-password before I enable two-factor authentication.  If there's no
> apps this can be done with, no point enabling two-factor authentication
> and trying to generate an app password for any of these.  When google
> security is after users to enable higher security and google recognizes
> linux devices have been and are likely to continue being used on an
> account those messages ought to include a list of apps that will work in
> linux.

Edhoari Setiyoso

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