oddity with lynx and ubuntu 28.04

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Wed Feb 6 18:06:42 UTC 2019

Tim here.  Are you running your consoles within virtual desktops in
X (instead of using "real" virtual terminals outside X, usually
accessed with control+alt+function-key)?  If so, alt+F4 is usually
the key-chord to close the current window, so I suspect you only
experience it in this alt+F4 case, not when going to other windows.

Possible solutions occur to me:

- Modify your window-manager/desktop-environment to use a different
  key-chord to switch between virtual desktops. I use fluxbox and
  have desktop-switching mapped to the logo/windows key plus the
  numbers 1 through 8 instead of the F1-F8 keys or using Alt as my
  modifier.  Changing either the modifier to something other than Alt
  or changing the modified key (from "F1" to just "1" or the like)

- Don't use virtual desktop #4

- Modify your window-manager/desktop-environment so that Alt+F4 no
  longer closes windows (again, I have fluxbox configured to use
  Logo+F4 to close/kill a window, so it doesn't conflict with my
  Logo+number for desktop switching)

- Use "real" virtual consoles which are usually jumped to with
  control+alt+function-key, which shouldn't close an existing session

- Use tmux or GNU screen first, then run lynx inside there.  That
  way, if the window does get closed on you, you can open a new
  terminal window and reconnect to the running tmux/screen session as
  if nothing happened (this works well in conjunction with others,
  and has the added benefits that you can also SSH into the machine
  and resume the session right where you left off)

Here's hoping one or more of these ideas helps you out,


On February  6, 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> If I am using lynx at a console and I switch consoles it shuts down
> my lynx.  For example if I am running lynx in console 3 and use
> alt-f4 to switch to console 4 it will shutdown the lynx in console
> 3 or rather it is shutdown when I return to that console.  Nothing
> looks odd in dmesg or syslog.
> Any ideas why this is happening?
> Tom
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