oddity with lynx and ubuntu 28.04

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Wed Feb 6 18:16:44 UTC 2019

I am using "real" virtual terminals.  I get to the first one using 
ctrl-alt-function but after that you can get away with just using 
alt-function to switch between and using the ctrl-alt-function makes no 
difference.  So far it only appears to be the lynx session it closes.

I agree it should not be closing other sessions.


On Wed, 6 Feb 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

> Tim here.  Are you running your consoles within virtual desktops in
> X (instead of using "real" virtual terminals outside X, usually
> accessed with control+alt+function-key)?  If so, alt+F4 is usually
> the key-chord to close the current window, so I suspect you only
> experience it in this alt+F4 case, not when going to other windows.
> Possible solutions occur to me:
> - Modify your window-manager/desktop-environment to use a different
>  key-chord to switch between virtual desktops. I use fluxbox and
>  have desktop-switching mapped to the logo/windows key plus the
>  numbers 1 through 8 instead of the F1-F8 keys or using Alt as my
>  modifier.  Changing either the modifier to something other than Alt
>  or changing the modified key (from "F1" to just "1" or the like)
> - Don't use virtual desktop #4
> - Modify your window-manager/desktop-environment so that Alt+F4 no
>  longer closes windows (again, I have fluxbox configured to use
>  Logo+F4 to close/kill a window, so it doesn't conflict with my
>  Logo+number for desktop switching)
> - Use "real" virtual consoles which are usually jumped to with
>  control+alt+function-key, which shouldn't close an existing session
> - Use tmux or GNU screen first, then run lynx inside there.  That
>  way, if the window does get closed on you, you can open a new
>  terminal window and reconnect to the running tmux/screen session as
>  if nothing happened (this works well in conjunction with others,
>  and has the added benefits that you can also SSH into the machine
>  and resume the session right where you left off)
> Here's hoping one or more of these ideas helps you out,
> -tim
> On February  6, 2019, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> If I am using lynx at a console and I switch consoles it shuts down
>> my lynx.  For example if I am running lynx in console 3 and use
>> alt-f4 to switch to console 4 it will shutdown the lynx in console
>> 3 or rather it is shutdown when I return to that console.  Nothing
>> looks odd in dmesg or syslog.
>> Any ideas why this is happening?
>> Tom
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