Emacspeak, Voxin, And The Jenux Operating System

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Mon Jan 7 02:50:27 UTC 2019

Will do, and shall keep ya posed!


For those who haven't looked at said directory of Emacspeak Voxin
installers (which I shared the link for earlier,) the list of "distro
families"  currently include:

1. archlinux
2. debian
3. ubuntu
4. vinux

NB. If I have any trouble with installing the updated Jenux ISO, I will
continue using Emacspeak in either n official flavor of Debian or Ubuntu,
since at least I know they work properly.

PS. I tried "Slint" in virtualbox, and well... I didn't get very far...
Also, link to the Jenux.OVA file has pulled for now on the Nash Central
site, as I believe its getting that same ISO update, though for the
appliance itself.

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