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If you're inside parted, you could run mklabel msdos or mklabel gpt
<enter> and that wipes out all partitions as soon as you confirm you
want to do it.

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> I had an empty hard drive, but I did still write a new partition table. If
> you're trying to overwrite what is already on your hard drive, you can just
> follow my guide. Otherwise, don't write the new partition table and keep
> everything you want to keep, only overwriting what you don't need. For
> example, if you have a separate /home partition you want to keep, only make
> new filesystems on the partitions you want to wipe out. Keep /home as it is
> and mount it during the installation so that you can see it. You will still
> need to make the new user as I describe. Of course if you're trying to keep
> both operating systems on the same drive, both the Linux you have and
> TalkingArch, things get much more complicated, as you will need to resize
> partitions and filesystems and mess with the boot loader. In this case, you
> may be better off installing to a USB drive or similar, which can be done
> fairly easily just following my tutorial, only changing the device name to
> correspond to the drive where you want TalkingArch. Your only potential
> problem then will be figuring out how to make your specific computer boot from
> USB. Hope it helps.
> ~Kyle
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