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Fri Jan 11 13:26:35 UTC 2019

I am sighted and have nothing bad to say about PulseAudio for
my limited use cases.

If one wants to make one's own opinion instead of relying of
the hearsay by people who don't really know what they are speaking
about, here is a good reading to understand what PukseAudio really
is, can and can't do:

Audiophiles may prefer Jack, which target different needs. 
Let's quote the aforementioned article:

PulseAudio design is focused on consumer audio for desktop and mobile. It offers seamless device switching, automatic setup of hardware and networking, and power saving. It can’t guarantee extremely low latency. Instead, it usually adjusts latency dynamically to provide lower battery usage and better user experience even on cheap hardware.

JACK design is focused on professional audio hardware and software. It offers the lowest possible latency and may connect applications directly to devices or each other. It doesn’t try to provide the smooth desktop experience to the detriment of performance or configurability and is targeted to advanced users.

FYT next Slint upgrade will ship JACK2 in addition to PulseAudio, as well as apulse, which allows to run an application linked to PulseAudio without it.

As an example I tried this, knowing that Firefox in Slint is linked to PulseAudio:
Remove PulseAudio
Install apulse
Type "apulse Firefox"
In Firefox Start a tune from you will hear it.



On 11/01/2019 14:04, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Good to know there are some workarounds for the issues with Pulseaudio.
> Still, I'm quite happy without those 200+ megabytes of bloat and will
> be sticking to my strategy of purging Pulseaudio from any system that
> installs it by default until given a reason to actually keep it. Then
> again, I'm not sure I've ever heard even a sighted user say anything
> good about pulseaudio and I'm not even sure what issue with the
> lighter, more mature sound system options its supposed to address.
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