Arch linux applications and learning

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Try which info <enter> first.  If found that's good.  If not, you want
to install info.
Once that's done, two commands to try:
info info <enter>
man man <enter>.
These are a couple of your reading tools and it's important to learn to
use both effectively first.
A directory /usr/share/doc/ has package documentation in it you might
Before you do that, try the command man less <enter> since this is a
third reading package.
Now you can use less to examine the files in the subdirectories under
After that, use the arch wiki and search it for topics of interest
there's more in it than just how to install your system.
Another directory /usr/local/doc/ may exist with some files in it too.
All of this reading should occupy you for maybe 5 seconds.
A package you might install called linux-howtos has some documentation
in it too.

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> Hello,
> I was wondering what applications where are for commend line input for arch linux? I know arch cones with a repository but is that for desktop environments or is it available for command line? Lastly, where or what could I read to learn arch linux? The wiki does not help.
> Thanks in advance
> Sincerely,
> Michael maslo
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