Changing grub default tune

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Sun Jan 13 12:44:32 UTC 2019

I have the following at the end of the /boot/grub/grub.cfg header
section, just above the various linux menu entries:

play 1920 440 12 330 4

 This reflects playing frequency then duration, where 440 is A at 440
 cycles per second.

 Yes, it says not to edit that file by hand, but it actually works and
 remains stable.



Linux for blind general discussion writes:
> Hi list,
> I wonder if it's possible to change default grub boot menu?
> I tried changing option in /etc/default/grub on line GRUB_INIT_TUNE and
> update grub but the dboot tune is still a single beep.
> It would be great if I can have unique tune to differentiate with BIOS
> boot tune.
> I am using Debian 9 Stretch x64.
> Any help would be appreciated
> Best Regards
> -- 
> Edhoari Setiyoso
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