Making Gentoo talk out-of-the-box

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Yes, all of that is possible with the installation disk in the machine
once you boot gentoo so it talks in the first place.  Your problem is
likely to be building your kernel and adding the accessibility software
into it when you build that kernel so when installation is finished you
end up with a talking system.
Expect gentoo linux installation to be like archlinux installation with
lots of steps to go through running scripts.  If you've already done an
archlinux installation this won't be a problem but when I made braille
notes for talkingarch I had about 3 pages and my gentoo notes ran
something like 7 pages and they weren't finished after that since I
couldn't get speakup added to the kernel and so stopped making notes at
that point.
The old fedora installation like Moonshine had about 7 pages of brailled
notes too but that one was successful.

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> Subject: Making Gentoo talk out-of-the-box
> Hi,
> I'm considering a Gentoo Linux installation, but I need it to talk "out of the box" for the compiling and installation.
> Is there a way to make it speak so I can make sense of the compile and instill process? I'm code-stupid, but wanting to learn.
> --M
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