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Wed May 8 21:17:12 UTC 2019

Since other blind users are on this list, I figured to forward this survey
request along with some information to help us fill it out.
Please use seamonkey since seamonkey does not require pulseaudio to be
running to play audio.
If you take the survey after the demographics section a section with video
clips will come up.
To play a video clip, get into the panel and turn orca review mode on and
search the screen for the P on the Play/Mute button and hit spacebar to
make the video clip play.  After that tab out to the next button and hit
space on that to answer the questions about the clip you just heard.  This
way works.  Chromium comes up for me bearly speaking english with a
germanic accent that is really intense.  I have no idea how to get
chromium speaking united states english, but that's another issue as a
result of having tried chromium along with firefox and seamonkey.  I don't
have midori here so didn't try with that browser yet but have time so may
do that this weekend.


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Date: Wed, 8 May 2019 12:44:27
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Hi Jude,

Thank you so much for participating in my survey. I have put the link to it at the end of this e-mail. Also, disregard the information on only four vouchers.



survey link:

On 5/8/2019 5:38 PM, Jude DaShiell wrote:

I'll be one of the congenitally blind in this survey if I can fill it out.


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