Comunicating from your Linux machine?

Linux for blind general discussion blinux-list at
Thu Sep 12 02:42:15 UTC 2019

> Telegram works fine here using emacs +emacspeak.
> Is there a specialized client you run to make that work, or can it run 
> in a regular terminal? The Telegram app I saw was a graphical app, but 
> I think I don't have something set properly, although I assume it's a 
> qt5 app, and I had Mumble qt5 working. I would prefer something that 
> interfaces with Pidgin, so I stick to the phone for Telegram, as I 
> just didn't look hard enough to find a Pidgin plugin, and Pidgin here 
> seems to have trouble with voice. That said, looking for telegram 
> didn't yield a Pidgin plugin, although I do recall seeing a text 
> client, though it seems it was separate from the "official" (air 
> quotes there) client.

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