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Date: Mon, 13 May 2019 22:38:25
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Subject: [Slint] chromium with chromevox setup notes

These are by way of a couple post-install notes for making chromium
workable enough to log into google.  The default language that will come
up will be africans so this may need adjustment.  f10 followed by two left
arrows and enter gets you into options.  Tab until you land on voices
combo box and then down arrow onto the language you want and hit space.
Tab out of voices box and into key maps box.  Classic is the default and
this will not be good so down arrow until flat comes up and hit space then
tab to reset current key map and hit enter on that button.  Then if you
can find a close button and get onto a search bar key in the google url
and try signing in.  You'll know if you have the classic key map in effect
if you have an s character anywhere in your gmail address or password
since that s key will toggle start and stop selection in the middle of
your editing and thoroughly break your edit session.  I ended up doing a
little experimentation and found this out.  I don't know what the other
two key maps will do either since I didn't check them out yet.  With these
steps, I was able to use chromium and chromevox and log into google so
figured to pass these along.


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