current chromium version a dumpster fire!

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Sun Sep 22 20:45:42 UTC 2019

The best way to change the voice and keymap in Chromium with ChromeVox 
is to press alt+shift+o followed by o. It's counterintuitive to say the 
least, but starting in Afrikans is also counterintuitive ... something 
Google did wrong with their speech-dispatcher support, since it is 
supposed to start with the default voice, not the first available. The 
Afrikans speech even extends to the "ChromeVoc spoken feedback is ready" 
message even after the voice has been changed. In any case, the key 
sequence I mention here always has worked for me, and should still work 
in the latest package, since it is a ChromeVox sequence rather than a 
core key shortcut, and ChromeVox hasn't been changed for Chromium in 
probably the last 3 to 4 years. Hope it helps.

Imetumwa kutoka orodha yangu

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