Chromium 77.0.3865.90 and accessibility

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Sun Sep 22 21:47:36 UTC 2019

At this point, I have had to start Chromium from the run window with

chromium --enable-speech-dispatcher

Or change the shortcut from the MATE menu to add the 
--enable-speech-dispatcher option. But this is what changes Espeak on 
the rest of the desktop to British English and starts Chromium trying to 
speak English with the Afrikaans voice. Since then, because I primarily 
speak English, I have removed Espeak from my system and just use 
RHVoice. This is how I can confirm that Chromium for some reason is 
causing speech-dispatcher to speak with its first available voice rather 
than speaking with the default voice. My chosen voice for now is RHVoice 
bdl, but "ChromeVox spoken feedback is ready" is spoken by Alan on my 
system. However, once the website I bring up is open, the voice I chose 
separately in ChromeVox is used from that point on.

Imetumwa kutoka machungwa yangu

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