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Probably grub isn't even installed on the problem computer.  This is why
when I do a linux install with grub I make it a point to uncomment that
TUNE line in grub configuration file so that way I hear some
grub-specific sounds when the computer boots if grub is actually
installed.  Try reinstalling linux on that problem machine making sure
you have enough disk space for it first.  Also if you have a good amount
of memory you don't need a swap partition 8G or above and you may
eventually need a swap file.

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> Subject: grub problem
> Hi.
> I don't know if I've written here about this before.
> I've got a hp prodesk 600 computer.
> I have installed windows.
> But I can't boot linux. I don't even get grub. when I boot the
> computer it boots into windows.
> It has worked on every computer I've had except this one.
> LInux works very good on this computer without windows installed.
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