unpacking git files

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Thu Apr 23 22:07:50 UTC 2020

Tim here.

I'm not sure what sort of "git file" you have.  If it's a "bundle",
you can pull from it as if it was an upstream project:

  git clone your_repo.bundle repo

to create a local directory called "repo" and clone that bundle into

If it's just a pack file from inside the .git/ folder from another
repo, there's no telling what may or may not be in there (okay, one
can spelunk in there, but you lose a lot of the metadata that is
elswhere in the folder such as branch-heads/names, and any commits
that weren't part of the pack-file)


On April 23, 2020, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> If you download a git file how is it possible to have git unpack
> the file for you into its own directory tree?
> I failed to write my git credentials in braille and haven't used
> them for a very long time so may be able to get a git file using
> wget but for now I don't know how to unpack the file.
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