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Sun Aug 2 13:09:10 UTC 2020

Tim here.  Though not much direct experience with GnuCash, I've been
tinkering a bit with "ledger" which does everything in plain-text
files and runs from the command-line (allowing it to integrate with
the whole host of Unix command-line tools).  There are a lot of
resources at

which describes a family of programs including "ledger", "hledger",
and "beancount" which all use the same format files.  There's also a
pretty responsive group over on Reddit (if that works for you) over

Sorry I can't be more helpful regarding GnuCash, but wanted to at
least put other options on the table for you if you hadn't stumbled
on them yet.


On August  2, 2020, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> So I'm wondering if anyone has played around with gnucash? It is for
> the most part accessible but I am having a hard time entering
> transactions.
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