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Sun Aug 2 18:07:23 UTC 2020

I did a bit of research and its easyer to enter transactions using the
transfer window rather than the register. I guess that is more for
reporting but then the documentation is not really clear on that.

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> It's possible that you can download your transactions directly from your
> bank. Most banks allow you to download csv files that you should be able
> to import into gnucash. Of course this won't work for everything, and it
> certainly won't work for cash transactions. I haven't needed to use it
> because my bank has a web-based unified system that imports from various
> types of accounts automatically, and I rarely use cash, so I just keep
> up with that based on what's in my wallet. But let me play with Gnucash
> a bit here and see what I can figure out. Perhaps it will work better
> than my bank's unified system.
> ~Kyle
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