Accessible Distros for a beginner?

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Thu Aug 20 20:17:44 UTC 2020

I much prefer the way SBL does screen review to how
> espeakup does it, ...

For those people who do like to start from a shell, Fenrir has been 
available for a little while now. It's fairly new as compared to such 
screen readers as Speakup and SBL, and its most attractive feature is 
that it doesn't rely on staging drivers being compiled for the kernel. 
It does depend on some standard kernel features such as the vcsa system 
and evdev, but needs no extra modules or staging drivers. It does have 
screen review that is similar to Speakup however, although I do believe 
it is customizable. Regarding sbl, I do agree that it is a really nice 
text mode screen reader. But it does seem to be limited to a very small 
number of distributions, which makes me think that it may depend on 
something they compiled into their kernels as well, but I'm not entirely 
sure about this. It would be nice if someone could get sbl working on 
other distributions, especially on Raspberry Pi and similar non-Intel, 
non-AMD hardware architectures.


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