Accessible Distros for a beginner?

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Fri Aug 21 13:37:59 UTC 2020

Regarding sbl there is no problem to use it on Debian based systems when compiling it from source and create start scripts or systemd units.

Unfortunatly there is no more development for sbl, the main developer has quit development years ago due to other projects and because he has not enough time.

I worked with sbl for years but I switched to brltty two or three years ago. I do miss application based screen reader profiles, there sbsl is much mor better and more flexible then brltty. Also coping text in the console is mor comfortable with sbl. And ofcourse its much more easy to create user specific keymaps for the braille device with sbl.

Maybe some of those features are also available for brltty and I do not know them, but especialy the keymaps and coping text in the console is defanitly less comfortable with brltty.

It would be nice if development of sbl can be reactivated and it would be also nice to have a package for Debian based systems. Maybe i should try to create such a package….



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