Accessible Distros for a beginner?

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Sat Aug 22 19:54:55 UTC 2020

would it be possible to connect the Pi to a braille display?
> I am fine with speech, but it would be nice to be able to connect a braille display if I want to.

Stormux comes with brltty braille display software. It is also one of 
very few Linux distributions that ships with RHVoice in the default 
installation, which sounds really good for the speech side of things.

> Also, Stormux says it comes with MATE as a graphical desktop which I think is great, seeing as I am coming from the Windows environment. I am just wondering if Stormux will run things like Firefox for a browser?
> I ask this because I don't want to use Chromium or Chrome or anything remotely google related. Although I know Chromium is open source, I still much prefer Firefox or a Firefox fork.

The latest stormux image ships with Chromium by default, but Firefox is 
available, and can be installed fairly easily. There are a couple of 
light browsers available as well, but these tend to have some issues. 
Firefox is your best choice, and will run with no issues on the 
Raspberry Pi 4.

> Also, can I run LibreOffice on it?
> If it can't run Firefox and LibreOffice then I might decide to go for Slint or Debian on a laptop.
> But that would be nice if it would run those programs as it seems like an interesting option for a beginner who is really unfamiliar with Linux setups.

The latest Stormux download ships with libreoffice-still, which is the 
stable version. Libreoffice-fresh can also be installed, but still isn't 
far behind, and bugs get fixed and issues get resolved once the still 
version is released.

Any questions, Stormux has an email list you can join from 
It's just called stormux, and you can subscribe by sending a blank email 
to stormux+subscribe at There is also a Telegram group at

> and the IRC channel #stormux on

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