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Fri Aug 28 04:16:00 UTC 2020


to get an answer from Slint users I suggest to post on the Slint mailing list.

>From this page:
the Pac Mate 20/40 from Freedom Sciantific do seem to be supported then this should be the case for Slint as it includes the most recent stable release, brltty 6.1.

To make sure a device is supported by brltty in general it's best to ask on the brltty list.

There is a Braille Voyager supported in the list. Optelec is not mentioned, but the device seem to be the same under the brands Tieman or Optelec?



Le 28/08/2020 à 03:15, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> Hi everyone,
> I have a quick question about braille displays.
> Have any of you used the Pacmate 40 cell display with Linux? Especially those of you who use Slint as I am really interested in that Distro.
> I was thinking of using an Optelec Braille Voyager 40 but I don't see it supported on the BRLTTY list.
> Pacmate 40 does actually seem to be supported on the BRLTTY list so I'm thinking of getting that one, and just wanted to know if any of you use Pacmate 40, particularly with Slint?
> Thanks,
> SL

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