ORCA user guide?

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Here is the section on flat review from the orca manual:


There is no terminal help page as far as I know.

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[I apologize for the cross post, truly sorry if you received more than 1
copy of this]

Is there a user guide on how to use ORCA, specifically how to move around
the terminal screen?

It appears I will not be able to get speakup installed on an upcoming
installation of RHEL on my new desktop workstation, and ORCA would be the
only screen reader option, since 'yasr' and 'fenrir' is not supported by Red
Hat either.  I was able to spin up a Raspberry PI over the weekend, and was
able to get the terminal screen to read anything new, but is unable to go
back to review what is on the screen.

For those who might be curious, no I cannot have anything installed that is
not supported by Red Hat in their yum repos, and no I cannot use another
distribution other than RHEL either, so I am kind of stuck.

Lastly, for those who are interested, I have a case opened with IBM
Accessibility, and a case opened with IBM linux support team, and there
isn't much they can do beside referring me back to Red Hat.  I now have a
'feature enhancement request' opened with Red Hat to have speakup be
supported by Red Hat officially, let's hope that happens soon.

Again, thanks everyone for your advice and help this far, and thanks in
advance for any further advice and help you can provide


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