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Sorry but Archlinux is not something to use for someone blind using Linux,
Debian stable maybe with backports, appimages, flatpaks and snaps packages
if needed would be better with Mate having Compiz under if low vision,
gnome-orca, brltty, espeak and so on are obviously recommended.

Debian testing is also an option but I would avoid if possible.

Ubuntu Mate however has the top out-of-the-box accessibility at a point
that blind users could nearly install linux alone without any help, their
mate menu from solus I think give them their edge, I wonder if Debian could
use it.

I was working on linux accessibility without being a coder, I tried to get
vinux and sonar linux team or similar to move to a debian base hoping to
add a few features that I kept hidden since I need to push a result as a
whole to fix various Linux issues.

Until then I sadly have to avoid to contribute or I would just make it

Le mar. 18 févr. 2020 04:07, Linux for blind general discussion <
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> I just ran a kernel update a few minutes ago on archlinux and tried
> rebooting.
> Some uuid cannot be found and I got thrown into an emergency shell.  All
> of this of course without screen reader working.
> I found this out as a result of talking to a be my eyes volunteer on the
> phone after she examined my screen.
> I have no idea what caused that and have minimal usb stuff connected to
> the computer.  I had disconnected a flash drive from the computer thinking
> the flash drive was the cause of the missing uuid but that wasn't the
> case.
> Fortunately I use solid state drives and have another different system on
> one of them or I'd be offline for a while.
> The volunteer didn't read me the long number after that uuid error.
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