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Wed Feb 19 15:53:58 UTC 2020

I just want to say in this thread that I'm fairly new to Slint and have 
found the support very good.?? I appreciate it.

I'm not disparaging other distros, by the way.?? I've used Arch, Debian, 
and Fedora for fairly long periods.


On 2/19/20 4:47 AM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hi Micha??l,
> let me answer to this part of your last message:
> Le 19/02/2020 ?? 04:28, Micha??l Caron Couturier a ??crit :
>> On the other side, Slint is Slackware based, out of the 5 majors
>> distributions bases, it's one of the two far less used so the user have
>> barely no community to help him in case of issues.
> Really?
> For Slackware proper, there is this a very active forum:
> https://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/slackware-14/
> For Slint specifically we recently replaced the former mailing list by a
> new one, cf. this blog post:
> https://slint.fr/blog/welcome-to-the-new-slint-mailing-list.html
> It is very friendly and active, you can check looking at the archives
> for the current month: https://www.freelists.org/archive/slint/02-2020
> We have now also a mumble channel dedicated to Slint.
> So your statement "no community to help in case of issues" is not true.
> The Slint mailing list is even more active than the debian-accessibility
> mailing list that I also follow <smile>.
> I don't say that to despise Debian which indeed is a good distribution,
> and Debian contributors like Samuel do an outstanding job.
> As an aside indeed Slint ships Mate with mate-tweak and Compiz, and
> documents how to get the best of it:
> http://slackware.uk/slint/x86_64/slint-14.2.1/doc/Accessibility/CompizKeyBindings
> Slint also allows to switch between console mode and a desktop without
> loosing speech out of the box, which you can do with other distributions
> only with a not obvious post-install manual configuration.
> That's not to say Slint is perfect, it certainly isn't. But we all ears
> to bug reports and requests for help and enhancements.
> Best regards,
> Didier Spaier
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