Dbus issues when running Fedora 31 for ARM64 Bit platform

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Wed Feb 19 18:41:29 UTC 2020

Dear suers and developers,
	My name is Janusz Chmiel. I Am new mailing list member from Czech
Republic. I do not see at all. Fedora distribution is fascinating Me for
several years. And because I have been very satisfied with this distribution
when I have used it with my Toshiba Satellite L650 D laptop, I have decided
to try it out on my Huavei !) mate lite mobile phone. This mobile phone run
Android 8.0 and I Am running Fedora by using Termux, Proot and special
Unfortunately for Me, I have got in to very complex issues with Dbus.
dbus-launch app name &
simply do not work at all.

Please does somebody of you know, if there is some technique, article which
would describe how to setup Dbus and dbus-x11 so it would run even on chroot
environment by using Termux, Proot and Android device?
Or unfortunately, Dbus version which is The part of Fedora 31 ARM64 Bit
contain Dbus binarz which have been compiled by The way that it will never
support this software environment?
I can install manz applications but Dbus do not work and it is verz
important to use inter process communication.
Thank zou verz much for zours help.
With kindness regards.
Janusz Chmiel

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