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Maybe I shouldn't answer again, but here goes.

Le 19/02/2020 à 21:30, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> I help manage a massively active Linux community of over 100k members for
> near a decade, I barely recall to have seen any Slackware user

That's because Slackware users use LinuxQuestions to get support.

Also, genuine Slackware is not accessible (but for users of hard
synthesizers and some people remember that it was the very first to
ship a kernel with speakup). But Slint is.

> Linuxquestions website is one of oldest linux ressources and got
> around 15 slackware questions per day in the last two days but only 8
> questions on maybe 30 got answered so it's up to debate ...

Most Slackware users find answers to their questions on LQ. This only
matters, not the statistics.

> Slackware is 7 of 250 active distros about 2.8% of Linux as a whole,
> while Debian is the base of 120 of 250 distros so 48% of Linux on a
> quick check

Hit per days @ distrowatch.com I assume. Who cares, but the professional
distro-hoppers? I don't care how "popular" is Slint (it is not even
listed by Distrowatch as I didn't request that), as long at it helps its
user base, as small as it be.

> Debian don't focus on accessibility so the mailing list might obviously be
> less active but overall it's the support of a community that matter for
> quick troubleshooting.

Agreed, fortunately I don't hear much complaints if any about this
support coming from Slackware or Slint users.

> Stop making like distro hopping wars that are plain stupid

Isn't it what you are just doing?

> Slint seem to lack the magnification gain of Compiz, make color filters
> and color inversion more tedious

This is plain wrong. For instance in Slint Compiz has eZoom enabled by
default. Here are the accessibility settings of Compiz in Slint:


2. Category Accessibility

[addhelper] Dim inactive (less light on non focused windows)
toggle_key = <Super>p

[colorfilter] (Filter color for accessibility purposes)
toggle_window_key = <Super><Alt>f
toggle_screen_key = <Super><Alt>d
switch_filter_key = <Super><Alt>s

[ezoom] Enhanced Zoom Desktop
zoom_in_button = <Super>Button4
zoom_out_button = <Super>Button5
zoom_box_button = <Super>Button2 (zoom out to go back to normal)

[neg] Negative (toggle inverse colors of the window or screen)
window_toggle_key = <Super>n
screen_toggle_key = <Super>m

[obs] Opacity, Brightness and Saturation adjustments
opacity_increase_button = <Alt>Button4
opacity_decrease_button = <Alt>Button5

[showmouse] (Increase visibility of the mouse pointer)
initiate = <Super>k


> so apart the move from console to gui maybe easier,
> not sure how it compete with just ubuntu mate.

that's a matter of opinion, I respect yours (even though I am not sure
you ever tried Slint to compare).

> My aim with trying to merge Vinux and Sonar while adding new content would
> have fixed that stupid fragmentation that does nothing to help end-users
> but it has to be done the right way.

Good luck in the endeavor. 

> That Archlinux accessibility tools rarely break isn't enough, for a blind
> user his system can't break, like a phone for 911, like tv or game
> consoles, think critical server that can't be offline for decades or just a
> pacemaker if you don't understand well how it matter.

Who ever claimed that Archlinux fits such use cases? But I do know
blind people who like it. No distribution fits all users and use cases.

> Obviously that this stupid elite thinking that make me keep my jewels that
> I could contribute cause they would be badly used and it would be done the
> opposite way that what would needed to do ...

I won't comment on this statement.

> Michaël Caron Couturier

Have a good day,

Didier Spaier

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