Problems wealth the 2020 Version I of Ubuntu linux download.

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Tue Jul 21 21:40:48 UTC 2020

It will be compatible with Intel architecture. AMD64 just means it's a
64-bit distribution. The industry settled on AMD's 64-bit architecture, so
this includes Intel as well.

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> Subject: Problems wealth the 2020 Version I of Ubuntu linux download.
> Good afternoon I am I have a very interesting Ubuntu  installation
> Unfortunately this Iso Image is not downloading correctly. Just so that
> is aware I'm trying to install this distribution into a virtual Machine on
my  Mac
> by using I am using Vmware.
> I can think of to possible issues that might be causing this problem. One
> downloading this Image from the main website, so network traffic might be
> high to get correct Image file. The other possibility is that this Version
of Ubuntu
> is not compatible with Intel architecture. Because the file name States it
is four
> AMD processors.
> Does anyone no i'll be reliable alterNet download site four this Image?
The other
> question if people on the list Think that the version of Ubuntu is
incorrect, what
> version of this distribution wood be more appropriate four a virtual
> installation on  a 2020 MacBook Pro running at 2 GHz, this processor has
> boost up to 3.8 GHz. And has a 16 gig i'll be fast ram. Any suggestions,
or advice
> on how to solve my problem.
> Sincerely Maurice Mines.
> PS this is the 2020 Desktop Long support Version oh Ubuntu.
> Please note the above text may have errors because I'm using apples
> dictation software. If there something written above that you did not
> understand, please ask me what my original intent Wise? I will do my very
> to attempt to clear up any misunderstandings that may arise from the
> i'll be above email. Thank you very much four Reading this.
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