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Sun Jun 14 21:34:26 UTC 2020

Or, this is to avoid SPF/DKIM authentication failure.

As an example, I have an email server with DKIM enabled for the domain
name that I own and use for the Slint distribution, cf.:

So, the receiver of an email sent with a From: address with the domain
name can authenticate it checking that the email was sent from
my server's IP address and not further modified if re-sent by a mailing
list to all registered users.

Many mailing lists keep the From: field as is (for this email that would
be: didier at but modify its content, like to add a footer. Then
the email will fail the authentication failure by the server that
receives the email sent by the mailing list, and possibly reject it or
put it in a spam folder, according to their policy and the instructions
given by the initial sending server, written in a DMARC record.

I don't know if this the main reason, but not writing the initial
poster's email address in the From: field prevents authentication

To cope with this policy, let's identify ourselves in the body of the
emails we sent to the list.

I do it below:
Didier Spaier
Slint maintainer

Le 14/06/2020 à 22:56, Linux for blind general discussion a écrit :
> I think many years ago there were lots of spam which came through this list, so they altered to this current way
> Chime

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